Helping Queensland children Thrive.

“The healthy development of children is absolutely critical to the future wellbeing of any society. After all, when we are no longer here, the world will belong to them.”

Early intervention is critical.

A child’s early years can have lifelong physical, social and emotional impacts. While positive experiences can set up a young child on a stronger life path, traumatic experiences during these formative years can have long-lasting adverse impacts.

The experiences children have early in life play a crucial role in the development of the brain. Many children cannot realise their full potential because of adverse conditions in their environment, including complex trauma, such as being in out-of-home care, poor nutrition, unstable caregiving or other factors such as a disability or mental health impacts. 

This can have life-long consequences and negative impact on school readiness and learning potential, mental and physical health as an adult, resilience to stress and resolving conflict, depleted family resources, and intergenerational poverty.

Feel empowered

Investment in child development policies and programs will result in long term returns.

Children with complex needs who have had access to adequate, inclusive and welcoming support in their early years are more likely to participate in family, school, and community life, as well as achieve their own personal goals like living independently or successfully completing tertiary education.

The World Health Organisation recognises that play is an integral component of any child’s development. Simply put, play is learning. A variety of stimuli is important to engage a child and provide them the opportunity to learn different skills.

“How we value and treat our children is the greatest measure of the humanity of a society .”

What the Little Stars Foundation does.

Little Stars Foundation is committed to providing support to children and young people through a variety of programs and initiatives.

All of these initiatives are based around helping disadvantaged Queensland kids become the best version of themselves and reach their potential.

We provide children with – Connection. Education. Fun. Laughter. Hope – helping them to thrive and become the best they can be.

We support disadvantaged Queensland children through the following programs:

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