Our Camp Program has been running since 2016 and currently caters for 60 children aged 4-13. The Camp Program is designed to assist children who have experienced abuse and neglect by rebuilding self-esteem, developing a sense of trust in others and improving their long-term mental and physical health prospects. It is this relationships and sense of community and safety provided by the Camp Program that is pivotal to its success.

The Little Stars Kids Camp Program targets children in long term foster care at a very early stage – as young as 4.  We have seen wonderful improvements in behaviour, life satisfaction and happiness of children attending our camps.  Through the Camp Program, the children become part of a caring community, which they can remain with indefinitely and build relationships that can change their life trajectory.  The camp program also provides much needed respite for carers and also a place for siblings who may not be living together to spend quality time together.

Our Camp Programs make a difference!  We do this by providing an environment where the children can grow through fun, laughter and understanding and feel safe and cared for.  Our camps include a variety of programs suited to the children’s needs to be in nature, try new challenges, just be a child and have positive experiences.  Camps have included trips to the beach, adventure camps, music and art, rock climbing, kayaking, bush walking and much more.

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