EducationHQ Article Highlights Little Stars Kids Innovative Solution to Cycle of Trauma & Disadvantage

Thanks to the EducationHQ News Team for publishing an article this week shining a light on the work being done by Little Stars Kids through our Little Stars Learners program – “Brisbane charity’s innovative solution to cycle of trauma and disadvantage”.

The article begins:

With more than 11,000 children in foster care across Queensland, independent organisations like Little Stars Kids say it is crucial that we act now to help young people in foster care break the cycle of trauma and disadvantage.

Little Stars Kids is a Brisbane-based charity set-up in 2016 out of a desire to provide early intervention programs with a difference for kids in foster and kinship care.

Research has shown that early intervention in education often leads to better outcomes for these children who may otherwise find themselves on the wrong path.

Little Stars Kids director, Lisa Honeychurch says evidence shows the education gap between children in care and their peers begins at a young age, increases as they get older, and persists through their lives.

“When kids miss the basics of reading and writing, it can adversely affect self-esteem, confidence and reinforce negative self-beliefs,” Honeychurch explains.

“This can lead to them disengaging with the school system, joblessness, drug abuse, mental health issues, youth pregnancy and a continuation of the cycle of abuse for offspring.”

Read the full article here

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