I am so happy for him I am literally crying….

Message from foster carer Karen…

Oh, my goodness! I am so happy for him I am literally crying!

This is the best news our little family has had in the last month. I would like to thank our foster agency for also funding this for P.

Even though my husband and I have worked hard with P with homework and extra activities to strengthen his new skills, his tutor Megan has formed such a lovely relationship with him. She supports and challenges his learning by using his interests and strengths and will often bring personalised activities for P to complete with her. We always look forward to her session summaries to see his progress through their sessions together.

I feel without this program, P would not have been as advanced as his schoolteacher has reported to us in the last few weeks. Thank you kindly. We are looking forward to next year and hopefully, Megan can continue her hard work with P.

*This photo is a stock photo to preserve the privacy of our children in foster and kinship care.

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