Duffle Bags and School Bags

Because children and young people living in out of home care deserve more than a plastic bag.

A Case Full of Love for a Child at a Time in Need

When children enter out-of-home care or are forced to leave their home as a result of domestic violence many leave behind everything they have.

Our Duffle Bags and School Bags program provides each child with something positive, comforting and reassuring in what is an extremely traumatic time. This includes a Teddy Bear, lunch box, pencil cases, school bag, personal hygiene items, toothbrush and pencils and diary and quilt.

Duffle Bags and School Bags provide children with something of their own and let them know someone cares.

Why it Works

A gift of a Duffle Bags and School Bags can help a child to feel less scared and alone and let them know they are important.

For many children, that moment of upheaval is one they will never forget – adding some kindness can help to shine a light in the darkness.

Little Stars Foundation delivers hundreds of Duffle Bags and School Bags to Queensland children every year.

Duffle Bags and School Bags in the Media