Educational Support Scholarships

Closing the education gap for children and young people living in foster, kinship and residential care.

Helping children and young people living in foster, kinship and residential care catch up to their peers and re-engage with education.

Children spend most of their young life at school but for some children, every day is a struggle.

The education gap between young people in care and those with complex needs and their peers starts early, widens over time, and often lasts a lifetime. This can lead to school disengagement and a downward spiral.

Early intervention through education support programs like Little Stars Learners is critical.

The little stars foundation awards grants of between $4,000 to $8,000 to children living in foster, kinship and residential care.

Why it Works

Our Little Stars Learners program provides weekly one on one in home educational support to children in primary and secondary school.  Our Education Support Mentors undergo extensive training and work on a model of Trust Based Relational Intervention.  They understand the impact of trauma on the child and the challenges that these children face.  They are passionate about working with children who have experienced abuse and neglect and building a positive relationship where the child or young person feels safe enough to begin to take on the challenge of learning. Through meeting the children where they are (rather than where the curriculum says they should be), our tutors are able to work with children on key maths and literacy concepts that they may have missed to ensure they do not fall behind, but rather, thrive. 

We have partner with the Queensland Department of Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs, Mercy Community Services, Key Assets, Infinity Community Solutions, Act for Kids to name a few,  to identify and work with children who are struggling at school.   We have developed a custom online database which enables detailed, comprehensive, real time direct communication regarding each child and young persons educational support program, progress, challenges and achievements with all relevant stakeholders, including teacher, carers, Child Safety officers and others involved in the child’s care.

Why it Works

This helps these groups of vulnerable children to access specialised tutoring through the Little Stars Learners Program to ensure that children living in Out-of-Home Care and experiencing other disadvantage to obtain life changing support and be in a better position to achieve their goals.

When a tutor who understands your experience and what you are going through comes to your home in a safe place and builds a connection first and foremost, it sets the foundation for learning to take place.

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