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Helping disadvantaged QLD kids thrive.


Little Stars Scholarship Program

Helping kids in Out-of-Home Care and those with complex needs to access education equality.

Children spend most of their young life at school but for some children, every day is a struggle.

The education gap between young people in care and those with complex needs and their peers starts early, widens over time, and often lasts a lifetime. This can lead to school disengagement and a downward spiral.

Early intervention through education support programs like Little Stars Learners is critical.

The Little Stars Foundation awards grants of between $4,048-$7,744 to children living in Out of Home Care and experiencing other disadvantages.

Why it Works

This helps these groups of vulnerable children to access specialised tutoring through the Little Stars Learners Program to ensure that children living in Out-of-Home Care and experiencing other disadvantage to obtain life changing support and be in a better position to achieve their goals.

When an Educational Support Mentor with experience in working with children with trauma who understands your experience and what you are going through comes to your home in a safe place and builds a connection first and foremost, it sets the foundation for learning to take place.


Cuddle Case Program

A case full of love for Children at a time of need

When children enter out-of-home care or are forced to leave their home as a result of domestic violence many leave behind everything they have.

Our Cuddle Cases provide each child with something positive, comforting and reassuring in what is an extremely traumatic time. This includes a Teddy Bear, lunch box, pencil cases, school bag, personal hygiene items, toothbrush and pencils and diary and quilt.

Cuddle Cases provide children with something of their own and let them know someone cares.

Why it Works

A gift of a Cuddle Case can help a child to feel less scared and alone and let them know they are important.

For many children, that moment of upheaval is one they will never forget – adding some kindness can help to shine a light in the darkness.

Little Stars Foundation delivers hundreds of Cuddle cases to Queensland children every year.

"I can assure you all it makes a difference - and it brings hope to a hopeless situation. These little people have a lot of weight on their shoulders and these suitcases are given to them when their world is falling apart, show them that they are not alone in their journey”


Fun & Laughter Program

Bringing healing through fun and kindness

Our fun and laughter programs have been running since 2016.

The program is designed to help children build connections, make friends, rebuild self-esteem, developing a sense of trust in others and improve their short and long-term mental and physical health outcomes.

Through our fun and laughter program children can get involved with theatre trips, football and a range of fun activities which they may not otherwise get to experience.

Why it Works

Every child deserves to have a childhood full of happy memories.

Happy times where children are relaxed and carefree should be part of every childhood.

These happy and fun times can be the things that keep a child going in tough times. Going to the beach, walking in the bush, meeting an AFL player can help a child to have hope and peace in what can often be a chaotic and scary time.

Friendships made during our programs are very special.

We couldn’t make the impact we do without generous sponsors like yourselves. All donations over $2 are tax deductible. Thanks for your support!